Q. Do Schumi shoe cases come with a warranty?

A. Yes we will replace your sneaker storage no problems if there is any issue with any part of the Schumi product. We offer a 3 year return policy on any problem related to our products, provided they are not affected by the customer. At Schumi we are committed to total customer satisfaction with the best quality and prices available.

Q. What colours do the boxes come in?

A. Schumi Boxes come in Black or Clear and all doors are 100% clear perspex material.

Q. How high can they be stacked?

A. As long as your floor is more or less level, Schumi boxes are designed and engineered to be stacked as high as 3m. Our store displays are stacked to a height of 2.7m, against a wall, and they are very stable.

Q. What are the benefits to storing sneakers in Schumi boxes?

A. There are plenty of great reasons to store your sneakers, here are a few of our best.

1. Keeps your shoes smooth and crease-free.

2. Drop Front cases are ventilated to keep shoes smelling fresh.

3. Schumi boxes help get your wardrobe and home neat and well organised.

4. Get your shoes on display so you can appreciate them and show them off.

5. Keeps your best kicks protected from dust, insects and spills.

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